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FLOLOC manufactures both AC and DC motorized valve actuators under the name FLOPAK. These valve actuators are especially compact and powerful, providing more than 240 ft. Lbs of torque and which, through our unique mounting solution called "Quick-Release", are attached to the valve's manual operator without unsealing the valve's internal mechanism and without invalidating the valve's calibration. Appropriate for rotational valves as small as 4 inches. Because they are always used in conjunction with the valve's manual operator, there is no upper size limit. Gear ratios of 11 RPM, 22 RPM and 44 RPM are available with 22 RPM the standard for seismically protected valves.

The FP3200 is powered by a POWERPAK 24 Volt DC battery power supply or with solar panels in remote locations.



Standard features for both AC and DC models:

  • Local (at the actuator) OPEN / STOP / CLOSE control and status
  • Local (at the actuator) and SCADA security key local/remote position status
  • Remote (from seismic controller panel and/or SCADA) OPEN / STOP (in Transition) / CLOSE control and status
  • Easy to retro-fit in the field on the 2" nut of any manually operated valve


  • SCADA valve position indication
    • turns
    • 4-20 mA
  • SCADA circuit breaker status
  • SCADA valve position modulation (control) via 4-20 mA
  • Partial closure in a seismic event (% open)
  • Internal heater to prevent condensation
  • Submersible to IP67 standards
  • Gear ratio choice
  • Fiberglass, steel and stainless steel vandal-proof enclosures for individual FLO-PAK or combined with other products
  • Floor stand and extension shafts